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Deluxe Loader Kit – Custom order for Milton Theriault


To use our product, you need to take a few easy measurements of your boat and trailer. Since our product is custom to your boat and trailer, you can be confident it will fit snug with your pontoons, making for an easy load! Note this kit includes both the loader rail assembly, carpeted bunks, all mounting hardware, and the automatic latch. It's the complete deluxe system!

Use the diagram on the left to help with measurements. All fields are required.

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How many toons (logs)? *

A *

Distance From Bottom Of Deck To Top Of Trailer Frame (see left)

B *

Distance Between Toons “aka Logs”

C *

Distance Outside To Outside Of Trailer Frame

D *

E *

If Ordering Tri-Toon Enter Width Or N/A If Not Tri-Toon.

Front Latch Assembly Configuration *

Enter Main Trailer Tongue Size.

Front Latch Underside *

Part of the front latch assembly attaches to the underside of your boat. If your boat has sheeting covering the bottom of your pontoon, to successfully attach you will need to cut into it to access the cross bars. Click to enlarge.

2×4 Carpeted Bunk Kit Add-On

To properly install and use our product, you will need to attach two 2x4s to our rails to function as bunks and to protect the logs on your pontoon boat from scratching. We offer carpeted bunks as an “add-on”. This item also ships free. Carpet is already attached to the 2×4’s and add-on kit comes with the carriage bolts pre-installed. Click to enlarge.

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Product Description

The purpose of our CMC pontoon loading system is to provide a whole new way of retrieving a pontoon from the water. While boating is fun and relaxing, there are some tasks associated with boating that are not always pleasant. One such task many boaters do not enjoy is that of loading their boat back on the trailer. In particular to pontoon-style boats, aligning the pontoons onto the support rails of a trailer is particularly difficult. Especially under rough conditions such as high winds or river currents.

Accordingly, one solution has been the addition of guide rails on a trailer. The guide rails extend along the rear part of a trailer and are intended to fit inside the cavity between the pontoons so that the boat is aligned with the trailer and the support rails. Currently because boat ramps are sloped both the rear of the trailer and guide rails are often underwater. Making them unable to perform to their intended purpose.

Because it is difficult to drive the boat up onto the trailer, someone typically has to wade in, attach a line so that it can be winched on the trailer. Current methods do not provide a simple and easy system to align and automatically latched in place without difficulty.

Product is largely made from unpainted aluminum, while all mounting hardware is zinc-plated steel, so it will never rust. The lower assembly of the automatic latch is flat black painted steel.

We have solved that problem. Install our loading system and if it’s high winds, rough waters, busy boat ramps, strong river currents or 1st time boaters….Bring It On!!!!!