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Standard PontoonLoader – Complete Kit


To use our product, you need to take a few easy measurements of your boat and trailer. Since our product is custom to your boat and trailer, you can be confident it will fit snug with your pontoons, making for an easy load every time! Print this page and take it to your boat while you take measurements.

This complete kit includes both the mounting hardware and carpeted 2x4s. Want to make your own carpeted 2x4s to save some money? Click here.

Use the diagram on the left to help with measurements. All fields are required.


Distance From Bottom Of Deck To Top Of Trailer Frame (see left)


Distance Between Toons “aka Logs” (Minimum: 11″)


Distance Outside To Outside Of Trailer Frame


Click here for further explanation


If Ordering Tri-Toon Enter Width Or N/A If Not Tri-Toon.

Do your pontoon logs have strakes? If yes, then you will need our strake protectors. * 

What is a strake? It’s a fin which runs the length of the pontoon. Click here.

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The purpose of our PontoonLoader is to make it as easy as possible a pontoon from the water. While pontoon boating is fun and relaxing, loading your pontoon is not, especially under rough conditions such as high winds or river currents.

Our unique, patented solution adds guide rails which are level with the water line on a trailer. The guide rails extend along the rear part of a trailer and are intended to fit inside the cavity between the pontoons so that the boat is aligned with the trailer and the support rails. Currently because boat ramps are sloped both the rear of the trailer and guide rails are often underwater. Making them unable to perform to their intended purpose.

We have solved that problem. Install our loading system and if it’s high winds, rough waters, busy boat ramps, strong river currents or 1st time boaters…bring it on!!!!!

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 60 in