Tips and Tricks for Installation

Tip #1: 

     You want to make sure your loader is all the way up on the A side. Then, you will need to measure A. After, you measure A you need to subtract 12 inches from A and you will get your B measuremment. 

Formula: A – 12″= B

Tip #2

Put your 2 main rails together and lay them beside of your boat. You will need to measure from the very front of your boat out to 10ft. for boats bigger than 20ft. Boats smaller than 19ft. measure to 8ft. Wherever that measurement ends up is where your front outrigger will be placed.

Tip #3

If you want more of your bunk out of the water move your loader closer to the back of the trailer.

If you want less of your bunk shows move your loader closer to the front of the trailer.